• The Voyage-Air Guitar

I Will Travel with My Guitar

Voyage-Air Guitar has solved the problems facing both today’s amateur and professional musicians that would like to travel with their guitar.

No other guitar on the market today can do what Voyage-Air Guitar does, because no existing guitar possesses the ability to fold and be placed into a backpack, then opened and be ready to play in seconds. The key is in the Company’s highly engineered and patented hinge that enables smooth, rapid folding without removing either the neck or strings. Once folded, the guitar fits in a small custom backpack. Because the strings and neck are never removed, opening the guitar (as with folding) is a cinch for a child or adult. Simply unzip the backpack, remove the guitar, unfold the neck and hand tighten the strap bolt. Only fine-tuning is typically necessary. Whether to play a gig, go on vacation, or carry to school, camp or guitar lessons, Voyage-Air Guitars are the “Real Guitar that Travels”.