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James Brown in Key Largo

Jim Brown in Key Largo with his Voyage-Air VAOM-04
Jim Brown in Key Largo with his Voyage-Air VAOM-04
After reading several glowing reviews in various guitar magazines, I decided to check out Voyage-Air for myself. I have traveled with both a Martin Backpacker and a Baby Taylor, but there were airline travel hassles with the Taylor, and the Backpacker lacked a big sound. After reading several testimonials, I took the plunge and bought my VAOM-04. Upon receiving it, I was very pleased with the attractive mahogany back and sides, and the solid spruce top. The fit and finish were excellent as well. I couldn’t wait to take it on vacation in July to Key Largo, FL.

The trip to Key Largo presented no problems either way, either in security at the airport, or fitting the guitar in the overhead on the planes. The back-pack case made carrying it a breeze as well.

I smiled at my friends’ reactions when I unfolded it in our condo, tightened the neck bolt, and the guitar was nearly in tune! It sounded big and bold, and I

Jim Brown in Key Largo with his Voyage-Air VAOM-04. WISH YOU WERE HERE!
Jim Brown in Key Largo with his Voyage-Air VAOM-04. WISH YOU WERE HERE!
played several nights after we returned home from sight-seeing and winding down. It stayed in tune despite the high Florida humidity, and my friends loved the sound. I can’t wait for my next trip with the Voyage-Air, but I won’t be waiting that long to do a little picking and grinning with it at home.

Sincerely loving it,
Jim Brown

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