Owner Stories from the Road

Lisa Koch & her VAOM-04BK

Lisa Koch from Seattle: VAOM-04BK owner and a musician/singer/songwriter/comedian/actor/raconteur"Hi Voyage-Air Gang, I am a Seattle musician/comedian and I tour with a  guitar, lots of flying. Last March, I bought a Songwriter series VAOM-04BK, to try it out as a touring guitar. I LOVE IT! It has been so easy to take on the plane as carry on, and I can get a ton of gear in my backpack, too.  
I had a Highlander pickup installed, and the guitar sounds great, looks great, and plays great.  
I am really, really impressed with my Voyage-Air guitar, and love showing it to other musicians (I usually hear a loud "Whoa!" from band or crew when I break down/ set up the neck). So thank you for my incredibly cool guitar-- it makes my job a whole lot easier!
Big kudos,
Lisa Koch, singer/songwriter/comedian/actor/raconteur.

Here's a pic of me on my way to 2 weeks in Europe with my Voyage-Air guitar.    
My website is www.heylisa.com